07 April 2013

Two Doggy Tails to Brighten Your Day

It's Post Time

Hi everyone,

I know it has been along time since I have written to you.  Sorry about that.  I have been having such a happy time with my family that I have forgotten to write stuff for you.  I like that you keep coming back and reading my old stuff.  Thanks.  I want to share with you today two different stories that I heard.  Both are very close to my heart.  The first story is about humans who cared for a puppy that was hurt.  The second is about a puppy that cared for a human that was hurt.  Both stories tell you how important the relationship between humans and puppies is, and how we both need each other to make our lives happy and healthy.  I hope you enjoy these tails!  

The Story of Jazzy

Miracle Dog: Abused Pug With 2 Broken Legs Walks Again in the Huffington Post

Jazzy had two broken front legs and her owners didn't take care of her at all.  She had to crawl around on two legs that healed incorrectly and prevented her from being able to walk correctly.  So, she had to crawl to get places.  I can't imagine not being able to walk or run.  But some nice people saw that Jazzy was having trouble walking so called the animal welfare people to take her away from the bad people who would not take care of her.
It was a long time and a struggle to get her care, but now Jazzy is fine and has a home where people love her and take care of her.  

Watch Jazzy's story on You Tube:

And now for the second story....

The Story of DD

DD was a dog that helped a veteran who had post traumatic stress disorder.  Blade was a marine who was not feeling very good about himself after he came back from the war.  He heard about the Pets for Vets program and contacted them, asking for a pet.  It was really very cool that when he was feeling bad and needed help, he called for a puppy.  The nice people at Vets for Pets sent DD to Blade, and they got along great.  They love each other now and the man feels good about himself again.  And DD has a great uman to love and take care of her.

To learn more about the Vets for Pets program, please visit them online at http://pets-for-vets.com/.  

Watch the story of DD and Blade on You Tube:

Those are my stories that I have to share with you today.
I hope you liked them.  I will try to write more often, but my Papa uses the computer a lot, so I don't get much chance to use it myself.  But I will try.

Keep your tail up and wagging!

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