07 April 2013

Two Doggy Tails to Brighten Your Day

It's Post Time

Hi everyone,

I know it has been along time since I have written to you.  Sorry about that.  I have been having such a happy time with my family that I have forgotten to write stuff for you.  I like that you keep coming back and reading my old stuff.  Thanks.  I want to share with you today two different stories that I heard.  Both are very close to my heart.  The first story is about humans who cared for a puppy that was hurt.  The second is about a puppy that cared for a human that was hurt.  Both stories tell you how important the relationship between humans and puppies is, and how we both need each other to make our lives happy and healthy.  I hope you enjoy these tails!  

The Story of Jazzy

Miracle Dog: Abused Pug With 2 Broken Legs Walks Again in the Huffington Post

Jazzy had two broken front legs and her owners didn't take care of her at all.  She had to crawl around on two legs that healed incorrectly and prevented her from being able to walk correctly.  So, she had to crawl to get places.  I can't imagine not being able to walk or run.  But some nice people saw that Jazzy was having trouble walking so called the animal welfare people to take her away from the bad people who would not take care of her.
It was a long time and a struggle to get her care, but now Jazzy is fine and has a home where people love her and take care of her.  

Watch Jazzy's story on You Tube:

And now for the second story....

The Story of DD

DD was a dog that helped a veteran who had post traumatic stress disorder.  Blade was a marine who was not feeling very good about himself after he came back from the war.  He heard about the Pets for Vets program and contacted them, asking for a pet.  It was really very cool that when he was feeling bad and needed help, he called for a puppy.  The nice people at Vets for Pets sent DD to Blade, and they got along great.  They love each other now and the man feels good about himself again.  And DD has a great uman to love and take care of her.

To learn more about the Vets for Pets program, please visit them online at http://pets-for-vets.com/.  

Watch the story of DD and Blade on You Tube:

Those are my stories that I have to share with you today.
I hope you liked them.  I will try to write more often, but my Papa uses the computer a lot, so I don't get much chance to use it myself.  But I will try.

Keep your tail up and wagging!

08 March 2012

READing Paws: A great thing for kids and puppies alike!

It's Post Time

READing Paws is a great organization that lets puppies work to help kids read.  I read about it in the Huffington Post.

READing Paws, Literacy Nonprofit, Uses Therapy Dogs To Help Struggling Students Learn To Read 

The video is very cool and features a beautiful puppie named, Drew!  He's like me!

Meet Jordan: A Dog Taught Him to Read (Full) from Better World Books on Vimeo.

Better World Books (www.betterworldbooks.com/) supported the making of Drew's video.

You can learn more about the program by visiting the READing Paws website at readingpaws.org.   The program is supported by Planet Dog Foundation.  You can visit them at www.planetdog.com/home/.

Please support these wonderful organizations.  They help puppies find purposes and lead useful and productive lives.  All dogs need to feel useful and loved.

Lucy from  http://www.librarydogs.com/GA_Lucy.html   

Other Cool Places to Visit:

It just goes to show you, you can learn a lot from a puppy!

Keep your tail up and wagging!

11 February 2012

Boycott the Mean Dog Shows

It's Post Time

Hi everyone.  Sorry I have been away from such a long long time.  

It's been busy around the house and Papa hasn't had time to let me use his computer to write.
I'm all better after my summer bad time with the mean dog up the street.  Now we can't walk by that bad place.  Papa says he doesn't trust that the people learned anything from the experience and is afraid that dog might be loose again.  I guess I kinda like that we don't go by that place.  That was a bad place.

I am scared on new dogs now.  I used to like all dogs and people and want to be friends with them. But now, I don't trust other dogs very much.  I still like people though.  I love making new friends.

But this is what bothered me today.  So I thought I would write.  

The Westminister Dog Show was supposed to be sponsored by Pedigree.  They were going to use their commercial time to promote adoption of all the homeless and abandoned dogs.  That was a very good thing.  We are at an all time high with dogs and cats and other animals in animal shelters.  There just isn't any more room in the shelters to house them and keep them safe.  So this was a good thing.  Commercials about homeless puppies would make people want to go and adopt.  That would be great.  Pedigree is a great company for doing that.

But then the bad people at the Dog Show said that they would replace their sponsorship with Purina.  Purina is a huge company that doesn't want to face the reality of how many animals are treated in this country.  Purina doesn't want to show commercials with dogs in shelters that need homes.  They only want to show happy dogs.

Papa says that the real bad thing is that the Dog show promotes pure breed dogs that cost lots of money.  Dog shows feature pure breeds.  Dog breeders want you to buy their expensive dogs, not adopt them at shelters.  I don't think there is a show for mixed breed puppies.  I know I am a pure breed, but I don't care about that.  My brother is a mixed breed, and he's pretty cool.  Well, sometimes he's cool.  Sometimes, he just keeps nagging at me to play with him, and biting my leg and head butting me when I don't want to play with him.  I just want to lay down and relax sometimes.  But he keeps after me.  But I don't think that's because he is a mixed breed.  I think that's just because he is a pain in the neck.  But that's how he is.

Anyway, I want you all to forget about the dog shows.  Boo on these dog shows that don't want people to adopt.  Boo on dog food companies that ignore the poor helpless animals and just want to make money.  And yeah for Pedigree for making a good food for us to eat, and for helping dogs in shelters everywhere get the home they deserve.

And listen to Katie.  Think about adopting a homeless dog really soon.  There are so many available.  I am sure you can find one that loves you and that you will love, too.  

Here are some places to go on the internet if you want to learn more things about this.  Read about how dog shows actually hurt dogs.  

Westminster Dog Show 2012 Replaces Pedigree Ads With Nestle Purina PetCare from the Huffington Post

Are Dog Shows Hurting Dogs from SF Gate

PETA Cruelty Free Companies and Products

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

That's all I have to say for now.

Keep your tail up and wagging!

17 June 2011

A Day When Bad Pictures Were Taken

It's Post Time

Dogs don't think in language like humans do. We can't tell ourselves stories about the past as we remember it.   We remember things by recording snapshots, like photographs.  When we are having fun and enjoying ourselves, we take lots of good pictures.  Happy pictures so we can remember how happy we were and what made us happy.  When bad things happen, we take pictures of that, too.  And we record what made us sad, or unhappy, so we can avoid it in the future.  I guess that's why I like to take pictures so much for the 5 on the Fifth posts.  I get a chance to show you some of the pictures in my mental photo album.

Today, no good pictures were taken.  I am sad. Very sad.

But the day didn't start out that way.  We were all very happy.  I have lots of those pictures.  Papa getting up in the morning.  Nicky chasing after me.  Going down the steps and outside to potty after a long night.  Those are all good pictures that I have in my photo album already.  Daddy coming down.  Eating breakfast.  Oh, pap makes such good breakfasts.  And then, some of the best pictures of all came up!  Daddy getting out the green harness and putting it on me.  Oh boy!  That means we are going for walkies!  I love walkies.  I get so excited.  So does Nicky.  We love walking with Papa and Daddy.  Some of our favorite pictures were recorded on those walks.  Lots of smells and friends to meet.  Nicky doesn't like the friends, but he likes those smells.

But this morning our walk was like the one we took a few days ago.  Only worse.  A few days ago, we were all walking down the street, minding our own business.  Nicky was trynig to smell in the poison ivy.  Daddy was pulling him away from it.  I wanted to go peepee on the bush in a yard near a house.  Papa told me to stay out of the yard.  Just an average walkie. Then, out from one of the yards came this big sandy colored dog.  Nicky was angry to see him.  I wanted to say hello.  But the dog wasn't nice.  He kept trying to get at me.  Papa was pushing him away and trying to get me clear of him.  Daddy picked Nicky up and carried him way down the street.  I just wanted to go to Daddy and Nicky, but the dog wouldn't let me.  Finally, Papa got the dog out of my way and I was able to go to Nicky.  And Papa stayed between me and that mean dog and got us cleasr.  He stayed back until we got far away.  And he made sure that mean dog stayed on the other street. 

This morning the same thing happened, only it was worse.  Really worse.  The dog came out again and ran at us.  Daddy picked Nicky up and ran away and Papa tried to get the dog away from me.  But all of a sudden.  Pain.  Seering pain.  Oh, I had to scream.  It hurt so bad.  The other dog kept on coming and Papa go between us.  The lady came out of the house and yelled at the dog.  But it wouldn't listen.  She couldn't control the dog and it kept on circling around me and Papa kept trying to push it away.  Finally, a man came and took the dog away and we were able to go to where Nicky was. 

And then Daddy noticed that my leg had a hole in it.  Papa got really mad and told me to stay with Daddy while he went back down the street.  He'd be right back.  He didn't come right back.  He was gone for awhile.

But then he did come back and we didn't go on with our walk like we normally did.  That was fine with me because I was hurting.  I just wanted to lie down.  We walked home really fast.  We got into the house and daddy talked on the little box for a bit.  Then he put my leash back on and we went out again.  Nicky and Daddy didn't come with us this time.  We got in the car. And Papa drove us the way to the place he calls the doctors.  It's where I go and they pinch off my nails with a thing that looks like Papas pliers.  And sometimes they poke me with a sharp needle.  They are usually very nice, but I don't know why they always want to poke me with needles.  Papa calls it a shot.  I've seen Papa do things he calls shots.  They are not like my shots.  His shots come in little glasses.  Mine come with pointy sharp pins.  It's not fair when you think about it.

After I saw the ladies at the big desk in the big room, we went into a little room.  And we waited there for awhile.  Then the doctor came.  She's nice.  But she pokes me with needles sometimes.  This time she didn't give me a needle, or take off my toe nails.  She was interested in the hole in my leg.  She looked at it for a while and then talked with Papa.

It seems it needed something called surgery.  I never had that before.  I wonder if it tasted good.  I hoped so,because up until now, I had a really awful day.  But this surgery was sounding like it was tasty.  I wanted some, but I was nervous and my leg still hurt.  The doctor would give Papa the surgery and I could eat it in the car, when I knew we were going back home and I was safe.

Only I didn't go home.  The doctor took me away to another room and put me in a little house, like the one I have in my bedroom.  And I waited there for a little while.  Papa didn't come with me.  I was all alone. Where was Papa?  What was Nicky doing?  Was Daddy giving Nicky treats?  Why did the hole in my leg hurt so much?  All these questions were all bad pictures being stored in my album.

Finally, someone came out and there was that pick again.  And I laid in the house for a little while longer before someone came and took me out.  Then they stuck something in my front leg.  It picked like the needed, but they didn't take it out.  They left it there.  And then I went to sleep.  Fast asleep.  I ran through some photo albums of running around on the baseball field and peeing on Daddy's hosta.  I saw pictures of the other dogs I smelled on the red tree trunk and saw a picture of me peeing on it, too.  I saw pictures of Daddy.  And pictures of Papa.  And pictures of Nicky. And pictures of Papa's pillow.  And pictures of Daddy's shoe.  And more pictures of Papa and those yogurt little treats I love.  And Daddy and the teriyaki beef jerky I love.

And then I started to hear sounds and I opened my eyes.  I could not see very well.  I felt all woosey.  My leg hurt.  But the hole was gone. There was a little plastic tube thing sticking out of the place where the hole was.  But even though the hole was gone, it still was very sore.  And it hurt a little when I moved my leg.  After a while I could see better and I felt better, but the pain came back.  The sore was even worse than before.

I looked everywhere, but I could not see Daddy.  I couldn't see Papa.  I couldn't see Nicky.  I was in this little house and I didn't see anyone I knew.  I was lonely. I didn't want to get up, but some people made me get up and took me outside.  I went peepee and poopoo.  Boy did it hurt to go poopoo.  It didn't hurt where the poopoo came out, but it hurt where the hole was.  I wondered why those people put a plastic tube in my leg.  It was hurting.  If only the tube would be gone from there, maybe it wouldn't hurt so much.  But it hurt even worse when I tried to stretch to get the tube.  I left it there.  And I waited for Papa.  I knew he would come for me.  He wouldn't just leave me.  Papa always comes back.  He told me so.  He told me he would always come back.  But he never left me here before.  He always left me at home.  And now he left me here.  And I got scared.  What if Papa was mad because my leg had a hole in it and took me away because I was broken.  But these people made the hole go away.  It hurt more, well, different.  It hurt different.  So my hole was gone.  But what if Papa didn't know the hole was gone?  What would I do?  Would I have to stay here.  And hurt?  I was sad.  Very sad.

And then after a while, some people were trying to get me to come with them.  But I didn't want to go.  I just wanted to lie there and be sad.  I was looking at pictures of my Papa and Daddy and Micky from the photo album in my head.  I wished I could see them for real.  And these people kelp asking me to go.  Why didn't they leave me alone.  I didn't want to go anywhere.  I just wanted to remember.  My myself.  I hoped I wouldn't have to be by myself again.  Alone. Lonely.

And then I thought I heard Papa.  I looked all the way down the hall where I heard the voice, and thought it was him, but I still could see a little blurry, so I wasn't sure.  But then he kept calling me and walking closer.  And then I knoew it was him for sure.  I got up and walked over to him.  At last, my Papa was here.  He came to see me.  I hoped he would take me back home.

Papa led me back to the car.  I jumped in,I was so excited.  It hurt bad when I jumped.  I should not have done that.  But I was in the car. And Papa drove us home.  When we got there, I saw Daddy and Nicky.  And I went in the back yard and went peepee on my own grass.  Daddy kept Nicky away from me.  I could hear him yelping in the other room, the room where Papa keeps Nicky's food dish.  Where all the nice smells come from.  But I could hear him.  He was crying.  I wanted to go see him, but my leg still hurt.  And Papa sat with me and held me and stroked my back.  And Daddy gave me love.  And Papa gave me love.  And I felt better, but my leg still was sore.  And my tummy felt a little queasy.

And Papa brought down my beds and my pillows and my blankey.  And he sat on the floor with me.  I wanted to lie down, but it hurt so bad. I didn't want to move. I stood for as long as I could and then Papa helped my lie down.  It hurt and I yelped a little because of the pain.  But it felt good to not be standing.  And Papa gave me a hug and rubbed my belly.  And he put his forehead on mine. And my mind snapped a picture of Papa with his forehead on mine.  And I put it in my good photo album.

...and I knew I was going to be alright. 

Keep your tail up and wagging!

05 June 2011

June: 5 on the Fifth

It's Post Time

Hi everyone!

I know I missed this last month.  Sorry about that.  I was busy and didn't have time to take pictures to share with you.  Please forgive me.  I hope you enjoy my pictures for this month.

We were supposed to look at new things.  Since the weather was getting warmer, my Daddy and Papa have been outside more often.  They don't take me out all the time, so sometimes I have to watch from the windows.  I don't know why they don't want me outside with them.  They say I get in the way sometimes when II follow them around.  They say my pee pee kills anything and everything it touches.  I'm not sure what that means, but I don't think it sounds very nice.  I don't try to kill things.  I just have to pee sometimes.

But I did get to walk around and see some new things growing.  Baby plants.  So I thought I would feature some new babies that I found in our yard.  I'll try to remember not to pee on them, so Daddy won't get mad at me.

This is a picture of what Papa calls a Spirea.  He says it grew from seed in the middle of a wall.  There are lots of them around the yard.  Papa says that's lucky because that means the plants are happy when they have babies.  I can see them from the lower part of the yard where I usually go poo poo.  Papa told me not to pee on these plants.  They are in a wall, so I can't go poo poo on them.  I don't think I'd want to do it anyway.  I like their color.
Spirea plant growing out of a brick wall.
This is one of Papa's favorite plants.  He says I almost killed it last year because both my brother and I peed on it.  Apparently, it was a favorite spot for both of us.  I can't really remember that, but I suppose Papa would not lie.  Anyway, he says that it used to be a much larger plant but we kept peeing on it.  Then some of the leaves started to disappear.  Papa got angry and dug it out of the ground.  He moved it to a flower bed that neither of us can pee on anymore.  This spring, it came up like this.  Papa was very happy.
Hosta growing in a garden bed.
Here is a picture of ferns that grew wild in the yard.  Papa says that the ferns in the fern garden have something he calls spores.  I guess they are different from seeds.  These spores have to have a lot of water in order to grow into a plant somehow.  I guess we have a spot that is wet at the right times because all these little ferns grew from these spores right in the middle of the yard.  Well, not really int he middle.  Now, Daddy is protecting them and he gets angry if I go over there.  Papa let me take a picture of them.  But I am not supposed to pee on them.
Ferns growing in the yard.
 Now these little plants grew from seeds that Daddy planted in the garden with the vegetables.  It's a raised garden to keep my brother and I out of it.  But both of us can get in there.  The other day Nicky was in there and Daddy yelled at him about it.  I can very easily jump in there, and it really looks like a nice place to pee.  But I won't because I know I am not supposed to be in there, or pee in there.  Papa says these little plants are called Marigolds.
Marigolds growing from seed in the garden.
This last picture is of flower seeds Daddy planted in these little plastic dish or cup things.  They are very wierd and make a really strange noise when you touch them.  Daddy filled each little hole with some dirt and put seeds in them.  And these are what grew.  Daddy called them Morning Glories.  What a cool name.  They are not in a place where I can pee, even if I wanted to do it.  It's tempting, because the plastic boxes smell funny.  But I won't do it.  Papa wouldn't like it.
Morning glories growing from seeds.
Those are my 5 pictures for this month.  I hope you enjoyed them.

Keep your tail up and wagging!

21 May 2011

Don't let these dreams be their last ones.

It's Post Time

Hi everyone.   My Papa showed me a video after we came back from our walk this afternoon.  It was so sad.  He was talking to me about whether or not I would like another brother or sister. Now, to tell you the truth, I am not sure I can handle someone else besides Nicky.  I mean he is really a handful for me.  He's always on me.  and I don't like it very much.

Yesterday, we all went to the doctor's for our annual check up.  I was fine, of course.  So was Nicky. But I saw another greyhound like me who was there.  He was much bigger than me and very handsome.  I wanted to be his friend, but he was a little shy.  His Momma told me that he had been picked on by other dogs at the track.  He was a racer, too.  It was sad to think that this beautiful puppy had been picked on so badly by other dogs, and very likely, his humans, too.  At least, his humans were not there to protect him.  Anyway, I was sad for this puppy and tried to make friends with him.  Eventually, he came around.  They always do.  Papa tells me I am irresistible.  I just have to wag my tail and people just love me!

So I got to thinking about having another brother or sister.  And I think that if Nicky is OK with it, I will be, too.  But I think there will be a lot of convincing having to happen before he comes around and accepts it.  He's just not that nice a guy.  He was picked on very badly by his original humans.  You would think her would forget that stuff by now.  But we never, do.  I still have pictures in my mind from my racing days.  They weren't all bad ones.  But some made me feel very bad.  I was treated like I didn't matter much.  Remember, I told you I didn't like to run ahead of the other dogs.  I like to run with them.  It's more fun being part of the pack than running ahead of it.

But there are so many dogs in shelters now.  They are all getting over crowded.  If you have room in your home and heart for another puppy, please consider adopting one soon.  They are all waiting.  Some won't get the chance to wait much longer.

Here is the video Papa showed me.  It makes both of us cry.  I don't want it to make you cry, but I do hope it helps you open your heart a bit more.  Please...

Here is another one that isn't as sad, but still very good.

Thanks for listening to me talk about adoption.  It really is important to me that every puppy gets a chance.  No one wanted me in my first home, but I found a wonderful place to be and I am very happy.  All the pictures in my mind's photo album are really happy ones now.  And it is all because someone like you cared enough to take action.

Keep your tail up and wagging!

22 April 2011

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

It's Post Time

Hi everyone!  It's a beautiful day today, and it is Earth Day.  I am going to go for a long walk with my Papa and Daddy and brother.  When I am walking, I am going to pick up any trash that I see.  Well, I really am going to look at the trash and then stare at Papa.  He will pick it up for me, because he loves me.  I hope that you have a really great Earth Day and that you can do something good for our Earth.  It is the only one we have.

 To find out more, visit the Earth Day website here:  http://www.earthday.org/

Keep your tail up and wagging!